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Key Principles

The Platform operates on a set of values and principles that enhance good governance in development and other decision making processes, namely:


  • Adherence to tenets of human rights, transparency, accountability, justice and equality, apolitical non- partisanship and anti-corruption initiatives,
  • People and communities lie at the centre of all development processes and ought to participate in decision-making processes that affect their lives and livelihoods,
  • Development initiatives must promote cultural integrity, social cohesiveness, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity of the people, and
  • Access to information and participation of the local communities and general public in decision making processes is integral to all development processes.

Core Values

  • Complementarity, solidarity and respect of one another,
  • Independence for and equality among all members in the Platform and respect for their autonomy in making organizational decisions,
  • Ethics and integrity as cornerstones of the Platform,
  • Objectivity and professionalism in all Platform actions,
  • Transparency and accountability of the members (Proposal),
  • Free space for civil society engagement in development, and
  • Enhancement of people-centred development.


  • To create a forum in which members can share information, plan, and strategize together for the purposes of conducting joint advocacy and engaging with government agencies, companies, and the media, as well as facilitating a two-way access and exchange of information and other resources between members working at different levels,
  • To maximize the potential of individual organizations to sensitize and inform an ever-widening constituency of stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities presented by oil and gas, and
  • To strengthen the capacity of KCSPOG and its members across various relevant advocacy areas.