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Kenya commits to implementing EITI

Photo Courtesy of www.cnn.com

Photo Courtesy of www.cnn.com

KCSPOG wrote a letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta and President Barack Obama on transparency and accountability in the sector. The letter played a part on the commitment on publication of contracts.

Below are extracts from the commitment document:

14. The two Governments share a commitment to transparency in decision-making and financial flows related to the extractive industries, and intend to work collaboratively with all stakeholders to make this information publicly accessible and usable. The Government of Kenya commits to implementing the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) domestically and to identifying and enabling an EITI implementation focal point within the government within six months. The Government of Kenya also commits to adopt and implement a progressive and transparent policy and legislative framework for upstream, mid-stream, and downstream extractive activities, including transparency in licensing procedures, publication of contracts, and environmental and conservation and labor requirements in line with international standards.

15. The United States is an EITI implementing country, and pledges to share its EITI experience with stakeholders in Kenya, including through exchanges of information between the United States and Kenyan governments and reciprocal visits to Washington and Nairobi, and via support to help local governments and civil society strengthen their understanding of EITI.

16. The Government of Kenya commits to release its second Open Government Partnership (OGP)      National Action Plan within six months and to fully implement the commitments made in it.  The Government of Kenya plans to link the OGP framework to its established multi-stakeholder governance working group mechanism to widen ownership, enhance drive, and ensure a participatory and inclusive OGP process.

The full statement from the White House is available here and the Kenya President website here