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Disclosure of Petroleum Contracts

#HiddenContractKE campaign

The Kenya Government has signed over 40 contracts with oil companies to explore in the country both onshore and offshore. Of these, contracts very few have been made public. The platform is pushing for transparency in contracting in light of a government push to sign new contracts.

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In March the membership of the platform wrote to the Cabinet Secretaries Charles Keter and Dan Kazungu asking for disclosure of all petroleum contracts and mining contracts/leases signed by the Government of Kenya and companies for exploration and development in the extractive sector.

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A key pillar to the effective realisation of Kenya’s Oil and Gas resources is good contracts. However, the lack of disclosure of Kenya’s Petroleum contracts denies a key oversight mechanism. It is critical that existing contracts are reviewed and also ensure that terms contained therein are being followed. Similarly, with analysis showing that Kenya would get a better deal from the new petroleum bill as opposed to the existing law, a moratorium on the issuance of new licenses would safeguard future revenues.

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Letter to the Ministry of Mining Kenya

Letter to the Ministry of Petroleum Kenya contract request

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